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Answers to the questions Feb. 25th, 2004 @ 12:52 am
and hopefully a shiny new quiz will be tomorrow. I have been verver busy of late. Sorry!

PIE RESULTS! Feb. 20th, 2004 @ 01:53 pm
Supreme pie scoffers are hano, davorg, cheekbones3 and sbp, who each have FIVE PIES!

Four pie people are esran and esran.

Three pies people are daneel_olivaw and rjw1

Points-scoring comes out like this.

Winner, with 45 points, is davorg
Second is hano with 44 points
Third is bopeepsheep who had 43 points.
Fourth is cheekbones with 34, and joint fifth are sbp, esran andchickenfeet2003 who all got 33.

So, as he has equal most pie and most points, I declare davorg to be the SUPREME PIE SCOFFING CHAMPION OF THE WEEK.

(expect all of this might be incorrect - bopeepsheep reckons that the Falklands count as part of the eu, and the internet appears to agree with her, so I will distrbute appropriately coloured pie slices to everyone who answered Falklands *as well* as everyone who answered French Guyana. If you think this is wrong, say so now)

Update: What do you want to do about this Falklands-is-the-right-answer business? I can post a poll, toss a coin, have a cat race, give a half point to everyone who answered Falklands, drop that question from the scores, ask another question in place of it. It's up to you, though.

TP Championship results Feb. 20th, 2004 @ 01:51 pm
First, the answers....

the answersCollapse )

TP-tastico! (merkin stylee) Feb. 19th, 2004 @ 04:19 pm
See, got all the new games yesterday. And so I stayed up making quizzes. And here you get the fruits of said quizmaking and ebay-ing, in the form of MERKIN TRIVIAL PURSUIT. Millennium edition, so it's *meant* to cover the last thousand years.

I'm not entirely sure what the colours are for. I forgot to make a note when I was still at home. I think it's prolly:

PP - People and places
AE - Arts & Entertainment
HIS - History
SN - Science & nature
SL - Sports & Leisure
WC - Wild Card (or something involving a toilet. tee hee. toilets. i'm so funny)

Let me play!Collapse )

Trivia the last Feb. 19th, 2004 @ 11:47 am
Last set of questions. Brown and green and the dreaded orange, again. No googling, fill in all the answers, game ends at midday tomorrow, when I will announce the SUPREME SCOFFER OF PIES.

Fill in the earlier parts, if you've not already.

I wish to try for the title of SUPREME PIE SCOFFER OF THE UNIVERSECollapse )
Other entries
» Trivial Pursuit - Baby Boomers edition
New game - well, rather old game. It says it's questions for people born in the post WWII baby boom. I have attempted to weed out the really obscure ones, though.

play....Collapse )
» State of the PIE! (mmm, pie)
Trivial championship update.

People who have not answered all the days include hano, rillaith, dizze, vampwillow and blarglefiend. This is not a demand that you do - more in case your answers were eaten by pixies or you forgot or something.

Halfway status (I've only marked the first two, y'see): Nobody has more than two pies yet. But that should change lots, I think. Do not be disheartened.

Last lot of questions will be posted tomorrow, and I need all the answers by Friday midday (or thereabouts). I shall prolly post the questions early, though. Becuz I'm nice and all.

I have more trivial pursuit games! Genus I and II and Baby Boomers edition, and a US game. Expect more questions! Yay!

(how am I still not tiring of this. oh dear)
» (No Subject)
more trivial pursuitationsCollapse )

Remember to fill in all the boxes with *something* please. Or I'll set the brave adventuring Misty-cat (who was in my bedroom this morning - wow) on you. And you'll be sorry then. Oh yes.
» Trivial Pursuit the second.
Brown, green and the dreaded orange questions today. Playing instructions are summed up here, as are yesterday's questions if you've not answered them yet.

play trivial pursuit, become champion PIE SCOFFER, take over the worldCollapse )
» PIE. Well, questions wot will lead to pie....
Right! Here is the pie scoffers championship, day one. Today's questions are blue (geography), pink (entertainment) and yellow (history). Tomorrow will be brown, green and orange. And the next day will be blue, pink and yellow. And Thursday will be.... You get the idea.

roolz and whatnotCollapse )

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