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PIE. Well, questions wot will lead to pie....

Right! Here is the pie scoffers championship, day one. Today's questions are blue (geography), pink (entertainment) and yellow (history). Tomorrow will be brown, green and orange. And the next day will be blue, pink and yellow. And Thursday will be.... You get the idea.

Basic roolz and how-to-play. There'll be fifteen questions a day. Sixty in total, and ten from each category in total. I'll not post the results and answers until Friday, so as to let people join in late. Midday on Friday is the finishing-time, and after that I'll add up all the right answers. For each answer you get right, you get a piece of coloured PIE. I'll work out completed pies for everyone (one of each colour right is a PIE) and the person with the most full PIES is the champion. I'll also add up right questions, so there'll be a point-scoring winner too. I shall not bother with centre questions because that's too faffish.

Answers wot make me larf out loud will get bonus points. These won't count towards PIE but will count towards points scored. (If you wish for me to change this so as to make them count for pie, ask me NOW). There is limit on the number of bonus points you can get, though. People answering all the questions daftly will only get a few points.

If you think a question is daftly ambigious please say so. I try to avoid them, but they still slip in, and since we're not sitting around on my living-room floor it's a bit harder to manage them.

Googling (or otherwise finding the answer from somewhere not in your head) is very much forbidden. You can go back and change your answers until midday Friday, but let me know becuz I'll be adding things up as we go along.

You don't have to answer every day, but you're in with a much better chance if you do.

If you don't know an answer, please put something in the box. Because otherwise it's much faffier to add things up and I get confusted and DOOM ensues and I get irritated and disqualify you and it all ends in tears.

Poll #249413 TP championship the first

G - Which national anthem includes 'And as we wait the morning's light, Here in silence of the night, We chant a soldier's song'?

G - Which is the smallest continent after Australia?

G - Which area of South America is classed as part of the European Union?

G - Which country boasts the most universities?

G - Which country's tourists spend the most money abroad?

E - Who got her knickers in a twist and decided to sue when a Canadian company said it would market underwear in her name?

E - What was voted the top album of the millennium in a 1998 tv poll?

E - Who became a global star after dancing topless in the 1935 movie Curly Top?

E - Who was launched as a cleaned-up version of Lilli, a sexy German doll aimed at adult males?

E - What colour was a hit for Coldplay?

H - By what name did protestor David Daniel Hooper become better known?

H - What nationality by birth was lady Astor, the first woman to take her seat in the House of Commons?

H - With which high-ranking US official did Judith Campbell Exner claim to have had an affair?

H - Who became MP for Kensington after once writing in his diary 'I don't in the least mind letting girls see my penis'?

H - In what year did Germany and the USSR sign a formal peace treaty ending their WWII conflict?

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