Nu Rave = POO (marnameow) wrote in pie_scoffers,
Nu Rave = POO

Trivial Pursuit the second.

Brown, green and the dreaded orange questions today. Playing instructions are summed up here, as are yesterday's questions if you've not answered them yet.

Poll #249896 TP championship the second

AL - What was the name of Elrond's house in 'Lord of the Rings'?

AL - Which Nobel prizewinner wrote Elmer Gantry?

AL - Which girls' school was created by Ronald Searle?

AL - Which world-famous cat was devided by Jim Davis?

AL - Which famous war-novel mentions the Tarleton twins in its first chapter?

SN - What are aglets?

SN - What was first installed in a British pub in 1968?

SN - What is a poor chrematophobe afraid of?

SN - What natural but worrying process does a gerontologist study?

SN - What standard part of a car's equipment is graded in terms of viscosity?

SL - What, in 1998, did Piccard and Jones become the first men to do?

SL - Which country entered the most athletes in the 2000 Olympics?

SL - What tequila-based drink was invented by Francisco Morales who died in 1997 at the age of 78?

SL - What did Andreea Raducan claim she had taken which resulted in here positive Olympics 2000 drugs test?

SL - Which communications company sponsored the 1999 Derby and Oaks?

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