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Nu Rave = POO

Question four is meant to be the 4th of January. It's not the 4th of July - how too easy is that?

Poll #250442 trivia the third

G - What does a nod of the head mean in Albania?

G - What is the biggest tourist attraction on America's Interstate 4 highway?

G - Which is the only London tube station to link six lines?

G - What national day is celebrated in the USA on the 4th of January (and if you don't know the answer you shouldn't be playing this game)?

G - What is the Italian equivilant of a motorway?

E - What is Fat Boy Slim/ Norman Cook's actual first name?

E - Which movie hears the order 'Major Strasser has been shot. Round up the usual suspects'?

E- Which actor changed his name from Cappola after flopping in one of his uncles' films?

E - Why was it contraversial when Brookside's Nat and Georgia had a love affair?

E - Which animated TV series features Hank, a propane salesman?

H - What kind of cards were people recieving the day before decimal currency was introduced to Britian in 1971?

H - What did Gordon Brown tell the Queen a Labour government would not pay £60 million for?

H - What did a 1997 survey show to be the second-most popular activity in Catholic churches after mass?

H- What was the nickname of brothel-keeper Lindi St Calre who was forced to pay back taxes from her immoral earnings?

H - Which prime minister had an extra storey added to Downing Street to accommodate his 11 grandchildren?

Remember to fill in all the boxes with *something* please. Or I'll set the brave adventuring Misty-cat (who was in my bedroom this morning - wow) on you. And you'll be sorry then. Oh yes.
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