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Nu Rave = POO

Trivial Pursuit - Baby Boomers edition

New game - well, rather old game. It says it's questions for people born in the post WWII baby boom. I have attempted to weed out the really obscure ones, though.

Poll #250706 Baby Boomer edition TP

B - Who went from 'The Army Game' to become Dr Who?

B - What country did the parrot come from in the MOnty Python dead parrot sketch?

SS - What, held in his truck, gave Dumbo the courage to fly?

SS - What film featured the song 'You've got to hide your love away'?

NN - What 35 year old, with a record of 15 arrests, became the youngest to recieve the Nobel Peace Prize, in 1964?

NN - What killer of an assassin died of cancer in January 1965?

P - What did the Manchester Guardian change its name to in 1959?

P - How old was William of 'Just William' fame?

LT - What American was branded a 'public sinner' by the Vatican Journal for marrying outside her faith?

LT - What guitarist did Cahs Chandler of The Animals discover in a Greenwich Village cafe and subsequestly manage?

RPM - What year was 'Rubber Soul' released in?

RPM - Who had a double-sided hit with 'You Need Hands' and 'Tulips from Amsterdam'?

CENTRE - What sect were paid $500 worth of beer by the Rolling Stones to handle security bat their infamous Altamont Speedway concert?

CENTRE - What Stanley Kubrick soundtrack album was plainly visible in a record store in 'A Clockwork Orange'?

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