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Nu Rave = POO

Trivia the last

Last set of questions. Brown and green and the dreaded orange, again. No googling, fill in all the answers, game ends at midday tomorrow, when I will announce the SUPREME SCOFFER OF PIES.

Fill in the earlier parts, if you've not already.

Poll #251026 trivial the fourth (also the last)

AL - How old was Anne Frank when she began writing her diary?

AL - Why didnt Gustav Holst include Pluto in his 'The Planets'?

AL - Which is the most-used English word beginning with C?

AL - Who won oscars for 'California Suite' and 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' after Ronnie Barker advised her to give up acting?

AL - Which Joseph Heller novel opens with 'It was love at first sight'?

SN - What is the official measurement for horses, according to a 1997 EU ruling?

SN - What does a doctor study through an ophthalmoscope?

SN - What action causes liquid to rise inside a fine tube?

SN - Which planet took a beating from comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 in 1994?

SN - What did Charles 'Chuck' Yeager do in 1947 that was so secret the public had to wait eight months before they were told it had happened?

SL - On what did Peter Clarke of Namibia set a 66.5mph world speed record in 1977?

SL - Which modern athletic event is based on the sctions of a soldier trying to deliver a message?

SL - Which athletic event was originally run from a church in one village to one in the next village?

SL - Which Man Utd star was sent off in the 2000 Charity Shield?

SL - How many hotels are supplied in a game of monopoly?

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