Nu Rave = POO (marnameow) wrote in pie_scoffers,
Nu Rave = POO

TP-tastico! (merkin stylee)

See, got all the new games yesterday. And so I stayed up making quizzes. And here you get the fruits of said quizmaking and ebay-ing, in the form of MERKIN TRIVIAL PURSUIT. Millennium edition, so it's *meant* to cover the last thousand years.

I'm not entirely sure what the colours are for. I forgot to make a note when I was still at home. I think it's prolly:

PP - People and places
AE - Arts & Entertainment
HIS - History
SN - Science & nature
SL - Sports & Leisure
WC - Wild Card (or something involving a toilet. tee hee. toilets. i'm so funny)

Poll #251110 American Trivial Pursuit!

PP - What ice cream factory is the number one tourist destination in Vermont?

PP - What's the only US state never to have banned prostitution?

AE - What does the TV code FV stand for?

AE - Who caused a commotion at a PBS kids' show when sparks began flying off his smoking head, in 1997?

HIS - What country did the ever-prudent King Farouk I declare war on in 1945?

HIS - What New England state was the first to declare slavery illegal, in 1783?

SN - What number follows 10 in the police code meaning 'message received'?

SN - What bean provides the coloured inks used in most US daily newspapers?

SL - What board game did Springfield, Mass., select to replace the annual citywide middle school spelling bee?

SL- What NHL puckster was the first person ever featured on a 'Campbell's' soup can?

WC - Who claimed in 1998 that she was once introduced as the 'Second Lady of Vice'?

WC - What entree did Arizona prison officials threaten to serve for 21 straight days to inmates who misbehaved, in 1984?

CENTRE - What city did Pat Robertson say might face terrorists, tornadoes and 'possibly a meteor' to avenge Gay Days at a theme park in 1998?

CENTRE - What's the most common household item to boast a time switch and an ejector bracket?

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