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TP Championship results

First, the answers....

Day One

G - Which national anthem includes 'And as we wait the morning's light, Here in silence of the night, We chant a soldier's song'?
Ireland. The name of the anthem being 'The Soldiers Song, or 'Amhran na bhFiann', so any of those answers gets you a piece of pie. I tried very hard to mark beingjdc's answer wrong on technicality, but I am too nice to do that really. I believe that the song was first written in English and later translated to Irish, though.

G - Which is the smallest continent after Australia?
It's Europe.

G - Which area of South America is classed as part of the European Union?
That would be French Guyana.

G - Which country boasts the most universities?

G - Which country's tourists spend the most money abroad?

E - Who got her knickers in a twist and decided to sue when a Canadian company said it would market underwear in her name?
Celine Dion. *Why* would anyone want Celine Dion pants?

E - What was voted the top album of the millennium in a 1998 tv poll?
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

E - Who became a global star after dancing topless in the 1935 movie Curly Top?
That'd be Shirley Temple.

E - Who was launched as a cleaned-up version of Lilli, a sexy German doll aimed at adult males?
Barbie. Not Britney or Ann Widdecombe. And if anyone fancies getting me some original Lilli dolls....

E - What colour was a hit for Coldplay?

H - By what name did protestor David Daniel Hooper become better known?
Bonus to blarglefiend for 'Tarquin Fintimlimbimlimbimwhinbimlin Bus Stop Ftang Ftang Olay Biscuit Barrel' becuase NONSENSE!

H - What nationality by birth was lady Astor, the first woman to take her seat in the House of Commons?
She was 'Mercen. USAian. American.

H - With which high-ranking US official did Judith Campbell Exner claim to have had an affair?
JFK. Not Clinton. Not Colin Powell (*why* did you all say him?)

H - Who became MP for Kensington after once writing in his diary 'I don't in the least mind letting girls see my penis'?
Alan Clark. *Not* Jeffery Archer. Bonus to daneel_olivaw for suggesting that most tory mps might have said this at some point....

H - In what year did Germany and the USSR sign a formal peace treaty ending their WWII conflict?
They never did. It was a *trick question*!

Day Two

AL - What was the name of Elrond's house in 'Lord of the Rings'?
Rivendell. Bonus to chickenfeet2003 for 'Dun Roamin'.

AL - Which Nobel prizewinner wrote Elmer Gantry?
Sinclair Lewis. Point to esran for DOOM!. I haven't been DOOM!ing enough recently. Well, back to the game of DOOM!

AL - Which girls' school was created by Ronald Searle?
That's be St Trinians. (of DOOM!)

AL - Which world-famous cat was devided by Jim Davis?

AL - Which famous war-novel mentions the Tarleton twins in its first chapter?
Gone with the Wind. No, I'd not have classed at as a war novel, but I suppose it *is* slap bang in the middle of a war....

SN - What are aglets?
They are the bits on the ends of your shoelaces. Not the holes the laces lace through, I'm afraid. Two bonus to saraphale for 'Little ages. They occur between big ages, like 'dark' and 'middle'' becuz it maked me laugh lots.

SN - What was first installed in a British pub in 1968?
A condon machine.

SN - What is a poor chrematophobe afraid of?
Money. I marked all the money-related answers right and all the other ones wrong. And YES, I did spell it correctly.

SN - What natural but worrying process does a gerontologist study?

SN - What standard part of a car's equipment is graded in terms of viscosity?

SL - What, in 1998, did Piccard and Jones become the first men to do?
Fly around the world in a hot air balloon.

SL - Which country entered the most athletes in the 2000 Olympics?

SL - What tequila-based drink was invented by Francisco Morales who died in 1997 at the age of 78?

SL - What did Andreea Raducan claim she had taken which resulted in here positive Olympics 2000 drugs test?
Nobody got this - Ibuprofen was the right answer. I'd have settled for painkiller, though.

SL - Which communications company sponsored the 1999 Derby and Oaks?

Day Three

G - What does a nod of the head mean in Albania?
It means 'no'. Bonus to dizze for ' i have just made your nose bleed'.

G - What is the biggest tourist attraction on America's Interstate 4 highway?
Disneyworld. Eugh.

G - Which is the only London tube station to link six lines?
Kings Cross

G - What national day is celebrated in the USA on the 4th of January (and if you don't know the answer you shouldn't be playing this game)?
It is National Trivia Day! Although I accepted things like Trivial Pursuit Day. However, 'you've written it down wrong! You meant to write 'July'!' get no points at all. Bonus to davorg for PIES!

G - What is the Italian equivilant of a motorway?
An autostrada.

E - What is Fat Boy Slim/ Norman Cook's actual first name?
It's not Fat. It's not Norman. It's actually Quentin.

E - Which movie hears the order 'Major Strasser has been shot. Round up the usual suspects'?

E- Which actor changed his name from Cappola after flopping in one of his uncles' films?
Nicholas Cage. (Yes, I know it's spelt wrong, but the trivial pursuit card had it spelt wrong and who am I to argue with a real actual boardgame?)

E - Why was it contraversial when Brookside's Nat and Georgia had a love affair?
They were brother and sister.

E - Which animated TV series features Hank, a propane salesman?
King of the Hill

H - What kind of cards were people recieving the day before decimal currency was introduced to Britian in 1971?
Valentines Cards!

H - What did Gordon Brown tell the Queen a Labour government would not pay £60 million for?
A new yacht.

H - What did a 1997 survey show to be the second-most popular activity in Catholic churches after mass?
The right answer is Bingo. It's not shagging on the alter, in the pews, in the confessionals, aisles, or plain just 'shagging'.

H- What was the nickname of brothel-keeper Lindi St Calre who was forced to pay back taxes from her immoral earnings?
Miss Whiplash!

H - Which prime minister had an extra storey added to Downing Street to accommodate his 11 grandchildren?
Harold Macmillian

Day Four

AL - How old was Anne Frank when she began writing her diary?

AL - Why didnt Gustav Holst include Pluto in his 'The Planets'?
Because it wasn't discovered yet.

AL - Which is the most-used English word beginning with C?
Can. Although, if you said 'can't' I assume the 't slipped in by accident and gave you the point. 'Cause I'm lovely. And if you said 'cat' you got a bonus point, so bonus points to beingjdc, hano and cleobourne. Bring me real cats and you can have a whole packet of bonus points.

AL - Who won oscars for 'California Suite' and 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' after Ronnie Barker advised her to give up acting?
Maggie Smith

AL - Which Joseph Heller novel opens with 'It was love at first sight'?
Catch 22.

SN - What is the official measurement for horses, according to a 1997 EU ruling?
Centimetres. Although I accepted all the metric answers as right.

SN - What does a doctor study through an ophthalmoscope?

SN - What action causes liquid to rise inside a fine tube?
Capillary. Bonus to beingjdc for fellatio. Is that icky too, John?

SN - Which planet took a beating from comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 in 1994?

SN - What did Charles 'Chuck' Yeager do in 1947 that was so secret the public had to wait eight months before they were told it had happened?
He broke the sound barrier.

SL - On what did Peter Clarke of Namibia set a 66.5mph world speed record in 1977?
A skateboard.

SL - Which modern athletic event is based on the actions of a soldier trying to deliver a message?
The card says Pentathlon, but I will also accept marathon. Google implies that triathlon was made up for the fun of it, (but if you know better please say).

SL - Which athletic event was originally run from a church in one village to one in the next village?

SL - Which Man Utd star was sent off in the 2000 Charity Shield?
Roy Keane

SL - How many hotels are supplied in a game of monopoly?

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