Nu Rave = POO (marnameow) wrote in pie_scoffers,
Nu Rave = POO


Supreme pie scoffers are hano, davorg, cheekbones3 and sbp, who each have FIVE PIES!

Four pie people are esran and esran.

Three pies people are daneel_olivaw and rjw1

Points-scoring comes out like this.

Winner, with 45 points, is davorg
Second is hano with 44 points
Third is bopeepsheep who had 43 points.
Fourth is cheekbones with 34, and joint fifth are sbp, esran andchickenfeet2003 who all got 33.

So, as he has equal most pie and most points, I declare davorg to be the SUPREME PIE SCOFFING CHAMPION OF THE WEEK.

(expect all of this might be incorrect - bopeepsheep reckons that the Falklands count as part of the eu, and the internet appears to agree with her, so I will distrbute appropriately coloured pie slices to everyone who answered Falklands *as well* as everyone who answered French Guyana. If you think this is wrong, say so now)

Update: What do you want to do about this Falklands-is-the-right-answer business? I can post a poll, toss a coin, have a cat race, give a half point to everyone who answered Falklands, drop that question from the scores, ask another question in place of it. It's up to you, though.
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