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for the answering of trivia and the scoffing of pie

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Where the trivial pursuit and other funky games have moved to. The roolz of here is:

Fill in all the boxes if you're filling out any of them. Otherwise it takes me twice as long to add up the scores and I get all irritated.

You can argue the right-ness of answers all you want as long as you don't descend to five-year-old name-calling or things of that ilk.

Googling (or otherwise hunting for the right answer) is *cheating* and bad and wrong and you must not do it.

The games work like this. I post questions from trivial pursuit - two from each category and two 'centre' questions. You answer without resorting to google. If you get at least one question from each category and a centre one right you are a CHAMPION PIE SCOFFER! I also add up the right answers, throw in bonus points for things that entertain me, and announce the top-scoring peoples. Bonus points don't count towards PIE WINNING, though.

If you are daft and answer every question with a daft answer I reserve the right to award you a DAFT prize.

There may also be weekly tournaments.

Games most weekdays. Answers and addings-up are usually the day after (but sometimes I am busy).

All PIE is only imaginary pie. I do not owe people pie.

If I get bored or run out of questions I will stop.